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Will installing laminate floors reduce the value of my home?

In most cases
In some cases
Not sure
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Question: Will installing laminate floors reduce the value of my home?
Top Answer (54% of 51 votes): In some cases.

Answer: In some cases
Explanation: Installing laminate floors may impact the value of your home in some cases, but it largely depends on the market and the expectations of potential buyers. In a high-end real estate market or in homes where the rest of the finishes are upscale, laminate flooring might be viewed less favorably compared to hardwood. However, in many cases, modern, high-quality laminate flooring can be an attractive feature due to its durability and aesthetic appeal. It can be especially appealing in mid-range homes or in situations where maintenance and durability are a priority for homeowners. The impact on home value varies based on various factors, including the quality of the laminate and the overall context of the home and its market.
DS Contracting
Answer: Never
Explanation: No laminate is an economical alternative to wood and some laminate today looks just as good as real wood.
Diane J. Malagreca
Answer: Not sure
Explanation: The new Rubber laminates have been very popular lately and appear to be adding value to homes because they are waterproof.
Premiere Plus Realty Co
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: What is it replacing ? Is this an upgrade to vinyl ? What is the price range of the house ? Often people with dogs who have scratchy toenails will have a high grade laminate rather than hardwood.
EXP Realty LLC
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: It depends on where they are located. If there is a mudroom or laundry room off of the outside, usually not.
Hudson Real Estate
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: Laminate flooring is popular in average homes. There are varying levels of quality and laminate flooring. Laminate flooring would be considered to be an inadequacy in luxury homes. But in average tract quality homes, a medium to high grade laminate flooring would be a positive
Residential Appraisal Associates
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: Depending of the neighborhood and value of homes around.
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: Depending on the quality of construction. You never want to install a material that is considered to be inferior to the construction rating of the property.
Answer: In most cases
Explanation: Laminates are not preferred, but if you are replacing hideous or old carpeting this is a step-up.
John L. Scott Olympia
Answer: Never
Explanation: Laminate flooring is a choice not a requirement.
EA Realty LLC
Answer: In most cases
Explanation: Depends on the quality of the laminate and the installation. If it has to be ripped out and reinstalled, then no. If it's a gorgeous job, then yes.
RE/MAX Realty Group
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: depends on the quality
Your Husband & Wife Real Estate Team with Charles Rutenberg Realty
Answer: Not sure
Explanation: Well if you rip out beautiful travertine or hardwood to install laminate, then maybe! However, many buyers have pets and children who are hard on floors, and laminate is a totally acceptable flooring and should not "reduce" the value of your home!
Rodeo Realty
Answer: Not sure
Explanation: This depends on several issues. If most homes in a given area have high quality hard wood floors, and you install an average grade of laminate in your house, it is likely that you created a deficiency. On the other hand, if you install a good quality laminate, and the houses in your neighborhood have similar quality laminate or good hardwood flooring, then you have probably not created a deficiency.
Todd G. LiPira, SCGREA
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: It all depends on what type of floor covering you are replacing. It also depends on what others in your area are doing. Are laminate floors acceptable in your market? Are you replacing worn out carpet? If so then it may increase your value. Are you replacing porcelain tile that is in good condition? If so it may decrease the appeal and value.
Accurate Appraisals USA
Answer: In most cases
Explanation: the greatest effect in real estate is location and secondly it is the beauty of your building and or your home
CSSCPSG-Student-Judge:Vicente-B: Galindo.
Answer: Never
Explanation: NEW products enhancing the appeal of your home wouldn't generally decrease the value. However, if you were to remove REAL hardwoods (a higher value product)and put it laminate. It is a possibility it would decrease value.
Reece Nichols-Mary Wilcox
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: Most times a quality laminate raises value, but if your in a higher end neighborhood it could. As most would use real wood or stone
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